What do I need?

  • x86/x64 machine running any OS; 4G ram, SSD, quad core (recommended),
  • VirtualBox or similar virtualization software (highly recommended with a minimum of 20GB hard disk space for the virtual disk image),
  • Setting up VirtualBox and compile environment is easy following our Vagrant tutorial,
  • when you don’t want to build whole OS images (KERNEL_ONLY=yes) then Docker, systemd-nspawn or other containerization software can be used,
  • Only supported compilation environment is Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 x64 (no other releases are supported! It has to be exactly 16.04 otherwise default compiler versions might not match so if you’re on an older Ubuntu release upgrade to 16.04 now, if you use a newer Ubuntu version start with 16.04 from scratch),
  • installed basic system, OpenSSH and Samba (optional),
  • superuser rights (configured sudo or root shell).

How to start?

Login as root and run:

apt-get -y -qq install git
git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib
cp lib/compile.sh .
nano compile.sh # alter if necessary

Run the script


Supplying options via command line parameters

Instead of editing compile.sh to set options, you can set them by supplying command line parameters to compile.sh Example:

./compile.sh BRANCH=next BOARD=cubietruck KERNEL_ONLY=yes PROGRESS_DISPLAY=plain RELEASE=jessie

Note: Option BUILD_ALL cannot be set to “yes” via command line parameter.