Build pipelines

Armbian Build pipelines are combination of Github Actions and scripts that run on our servers. Armbian is providing a large quantity of compiled binaries and images which builds are distributed over our self-hosted build farm.

Nightly builds


What is affected by this pipeline?

  • edge branch in stable repository
  • all branches in beta repository
  • rootfs cache
    The repository indexes for BETA are updated immediately.

Trigger: every day at 6am CET
Condition: change in packages, upstream sources, patches or configuration

Updating all beta images

Updating all beta images

  • triggered manually or uppon completion of nightly / edge builds;
  • running the job manual is possible,
  • pipeline is always using packages from repository.

Updating selected stable images

If you have a commit rights to the repository, go to Armbian build system actions and select Build selected:

Updating selected stable images

You can recreate image(s) at main download location from sources - set packages from repository to no - or from packages that are already in repository (default). In case you choose to build from sources, stable repository is going to be populated with newly created u-boot, kernel and BSP packages for all boards under (patched) stable version ( which is incremented automatically if process succeeds.

kanban screenshot

When new artifacts are created for stable builds, content is uploaded to CDN, then download and repository indexes are updated. The process is typically complete in 1 to 2 days for major releases.