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Board Maintainers

How to become a maintainer?

If you are interested in being a maintainer please review our documentation before applying: Board Maintainers Procedures and Guidelines

Then, you can apply here and wait for acceptance. Once accepted you will be added to our various systems and asked to fill out the Maintainer Registry Form to complete your registration process.

Table of Board Maintainers

Where more than one Maintainer is listed, the first (‘1’ in ‘#’ column) may be considered the ‘primary’ and the other(s) on following line(s) as co-maintainers / helpers.

Maintainer column, in this table, is GitHub user name. For cross reference to forum handle, see Forum Name Cross Reference (below).

board.conf # Maintainer Note(s)
bananapi janprunk
bananapim2plus igorpecovnik
bananapim3 AaronNGray
bananapim5 igorpecovnik
bananapim2pro igorpecovnik
bananapim64 devdotnetorg
bananapipro teknoid
clearfogbase heisath
clearfogpro heisath
clockworkpi-a06 littlecxm
espressobin ManoftheSea v5 & v7
firefly-rk3399 150balbes
helios4 heisath
jethubj100 jethome-ru
jethubj80 jethome-ru
jetson-nano 150balbes
khadas-edge igorpecovnik
khadas-vim1 1
khadas-vim2 1
khadas-vim3 NicoD-SBC
khadas-vim3l rpardini
lafrite Tonymac32
lepotato Tonymac32
lime-a64 igorpecovnik
lime2 igorpecovnik
nanopct4 150balbes
nanopi-r1 igorpecovnik
nanopi-r2c igorpecovnik
nanopi-r2s igorpecovnik
nanopi-r4s 1 littlecxm
nanopi-r4s 2 piter75
nanopiduo sgjava
nanopik1plus igorpecovnik
nanopim4 piter75
nanopim4v2 piter75
nanopineo igorpecovnik
nanopineo2 igorpecovnik
nanopineo2black igorpecovnik
nanopineo3 lpirl
nanopineoplus2 teknoid
odroidc2 NicoD-SBC 1
odroidc4 Technicavolous 1
odroidhc4 1 rpardini
odroidhc4 2 Technicavolous
odroidn2 rpardini
odroidxu4 1 igorpecovnik
odroidxu4 2 joekhoobyar
orangepi-r1 schwar3kat
orangepi-r1plus-lts schwar3kat
orangepi3 igorpecovnik
orangepi3-lts afaulkner420
orangepi4 igorpecovnik
orangepi4-lts jock
orangepilite igorpecovnik
orangepilite2 igorpecovnik
orangepione igorpecovnik
orangepioneplus igorpecovnik
orangepipc lbmendes
orangepipc2 igorpecovnik
orangepipcplus igorpecovnik
orangepiplus2e igorpecovnik
orangepiprime igorpecovnik
orangepizero igorpecovnik
orangepizero2 1 krachlatte
orangepizero2 2 qiurui
orangepizeroplus schwar3kat
orangepizeroplus2-h3 agolubchyk
pine64 janprunk
pinebookpro seclorum
radxa-zero engineer-80
radxa-zero2 monkaBlyat
rpi4b igorpecovnik
renegade Tonymac32
rock-3a 1 catalinii
rock-3a 2 ZazaBr
rock-3a 3 vamzii
rock64 clee
rockpi-4a clee
rockpi-4c clee
rockpi-s brentr
rockpro64 joekhoobyar
sopine-a64 joshaspinall
station-m1 150balbes
station-m2 150balbes
station-p1 150balbes
station-p2 150balbes
tinkerboard 1 Tonymac32
tinkerboard 2 paolosabatino
tritium-h3 Tonymac32
tritium-h5 Tonymac32
uefi-arm64 igorpecovnik
uefi-x86 igorpecovnik
zeropi igorpecovnik

Notes (for above):

  1. rpardini would take this if he could get a board ;-)

Forum Name Cross Reference

Rather than update many different cells above, please maintain GitHub <-> forum handle cross-reference below.

Important note for people seeking support:

Do not contact Maintainers via Personal Messages (PMs) on the forums for private support. Such behavior is considered harassment and may result in a ban.

Please make a forum post in the appropriate place instead, where more people may see it, and ultimately everyone may benefit.

GitHub Forum Name
AaronNGray AaronNGray
afaulkner420 Ukhellfire
devdotnetorg antondeveloper
150balbes balbes150
brentr brentr
clee clee
catalinii catalinii
heisath Heisath
igorpecovnik Igor
janprunk yang
jethome-ru jethome
joekhoobyar joekhoobyar
joshaspinall joshaspinall
agolubchyk Kalobok
krachlatte krachlatte
lbmendes LucasM
lpirl lpirl
littlecxm littlecxm
NicoD-SBC NicoD
paolosabatino jock
piter75 piter75
schwar3kat schwar3kat
seclorum seclorum
sgjava sgjava
Technicavolous Technicavolous
teknoid teknoid
Tonymac32 TonyMac32
TRSx80 TRS-80
vamzii vamzi
ZazaBr ZazaBr
engineer-80 Yakov
qiurui144 qiurui
monkaBlyat monkaBlyat

Maintaining this document

To add additional Maintainer(s) (beyond the first), copy line with board name to following line, and add number(s) in ‘#’ column. This makes sorting the Table of Board Maintainers possible (and clearly delineates primary from secondary maintainers). This is not necessary when only one Maintainer is listed.

When adding a new GitHub user name to the Table of Board Maintainers, please also add corresponding forum name to the Forum Name Cross Reference table. This keeps maintenance to a minimum.

The authoritative list of board.conf can be found here. Eventually we may automatically generate the Table of Board Maintainers from there, in the mean time we are still maintaining it here manually.