Armbian Documentation


Documentation is written in markdown and stored in the docs/ subfolder. Images go in docs/images

This repo is meant for storing and quick glances. Official output is

Armbian Documentation is available in the following formats: mkdocs site PDF user guides (in progress)

Armbian Documentation relies on a file naming convention:

Parent and Child are seperated by underscore _. Hyphens - are automatically converted to spaces.

Please try to avoid creating new parent topics unless absoultely necesssary.

Current Parent Topics:

  • Hardware
  • Process
  • Release
  • Developer Guide
  • User Guide
  • Howto


For easier testing and commits .gitignore is configured to ignore site/

mkdocs.yml should probably be added, but we can commit for now


generates mkdocs.yml file based on contents of docs/

  • option paramters for input and output directories
  • see -h for help

missing tools

  • html2doc output to PDF user manual
  • automated mkdocs deployment to


From the parent folder of the repo, run:

tools/ && mkdocs build

This will generate the mkdocs.yml configuration file and then generate the mkdocs site to the site/ folder


To preview locally. Excute the preview server mkdocs serve

You will be able to make realtime edits to exist files. If you add a new file, you will need to rerun tools/

Quick Start

pip install mkdocs
git clone
#vim docs/[Parent Topic Example]
#generate config, build, launch local preview server
tools/ && mkdocs build --clean && mkdocs serve
git add docs/*.md
git commit -m "added new howto on exampling"
git push