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Armbian Documentation

Create offline documentation to release



Documentation is written in markdown and stored in the docs/ subfolder. Images go in docs/images.

This repo is meant for storing and quick glances. Official output is

Armbian Documentation is available in the following formats:


This site is built with mkdocs and depends on mkdocs-material.

Armbian Documentation naming of document files follows this rules:


Parent-Topic-Name and Child-Topic-Name are separated by an underscore _. Hyphens - are automatically converted to space.

Please try to avoid creating new parent topics unless absolutely necessary.

Current Parent Topics:

  • User Guide
  • Hardware notes
  • Developer Guide
  • Contributor Process
  • Release management
  • Community

See the document template before you writing any content.

Working on the content

git clone
pip install -r requirements.txt
mkdocs build --clean && mkdocs serve

You will be able to make edits to existing files and observe the results in real time.

After changing text in an existing file, use this command to rebuild and view the documentation:

mkdocs build --clean && mkdocs serve

After adding a new file, either hand-edit mkdocs.yml, or re-run tools/ unless making changes to the structure of the docs/ folder. (See below)

Generate tools

Generate mkdocs.yml based on the contents of docs/ folder

  • Command-line options for input and output directories
  • Requires install requirement
  • You don’t need to run it every time unless making changes to the structure of the docs/ folder
  • See -h for help

From the parent folder of the repo, run:

python3 tools/ && mkdocs build

This will generate the mkdocs.yml and publish built HTML to the site/ folder.