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Marvell Armada



All builds provide 100% hardware support for Helios4.

Build Version Status


  • U-Boot : Mainline 2019.04
  • Linux Kernel : Mainline 4.19.y


  • U-Boot : Mainline 2019.04
  • Linux Kernel : Mainline 5.4.y

Known Limitations

  • SDcard High Speed timing have compatibility issue with some brands.
    Temporary workaround : Disable UHS option/support.
    Can be manually enable, refer to the following page (2020-11-25 link broken archive).
  • During SATA heavy load, accessing SPI NOR Flash will generate ATA errors.
    Temporary workaround : Disable SPI NOR flash.
    Can be manually enable, refer to the following page (2020-11-25 link broken archive).


Find more details about hardware support and configuration on Helios4 Wiki.

Clearfog Pro/Base


Both builds provide close to 100% hardware support, some slight differences are listed below.

Build Version Status


  • Mainline kernel with large hardware support, headers and some firmware included
  • Docker ready
  • Both mPCIe are operational and convertible to mSATA, M2 operational
  • Added patch to unlock Atheros regulatory restrictions which unlock 5Ghz AP mode in cheap Atheros cards (ath9 driver)
  • Bluetooth ready (working with supported external keys)
  • I2C ready. Basic i2c tools included.
  • SPI ready but untested.
  • SFP is working at up to 1GB/s even with faster fiber modules
  • SFP DDMI is operational (sudo ethtool -m eth2)

Bugs or limitation

  • all builds suffer from minor problems with specific mPCIe combinations. If you run into problems check this test matrix for some known working/not working combinations.

Converting mPCIe to mSATA

  • To convert mPCIe to mSATA you have to enable the corresponding patches in u-boot-mvebu. Afterwards rebuild u-boot with our build system and write the new u-boot to your boot medium. If you need assistance ask in the forum.


  • In case you ever run into troubles and ask for help in the forums please ensure to provide a serial console log (UART adapter on board accessible through Micro USB with 115200/8/N/1 settings)
  • The boards can boot from various sources that are adjustable with a DIP switch. Comprehensive information about the necessary preparations available here.